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 La petite classe offers a preschool program for children from 2 to 4 years old. All toddlers, whatever their mother tongue is, are welcome to participate. The whole day I will offer the children a range of fun activities. These activities contribute to their overall healthy development.

What makes this preschool unique is that children get acquainted or keep in touch with the French language. Young children have an easier time picking up a second language than older children, especially when the language is introduced in a playful way. When children have been exposed to a second language from an early age, they have a larger language sensitivity and they could later benefit greatly from this early learning. The preschool is located on the ground floor of my house; this floor is specially equipped for toddlers and offers a homey environment. Kids will quickly feel at home.
Toddlers are welcome on Tuesday and Thursday, between 8.30 and 9.15 and they should be picked up between 16:20 and 16:30. The whole day the children will enjoy all kind of fun activities like singing songs, crafting, dancing on French music, playing games that boost their motor development, discovering music instruments...
There is additional childcare between 16.30 en 17.30

During these activities the children will, perhaps for the first time and safely, learn to be part of a group. This is positive for their social development and they will certainly make new friends! Learning to sing French songs is not a problem at all for this young group of children. Through play, and without noticing it, the toddlers will learn a lot and that is exactly what we want! This is called language immersion.

Up to 5 children.
The meals
Mealtime is an important moment in a child's day. During this joyful and convivial moment together children enjoy an healthy meal that will give them enough energy for the rest of the day. At the same time they discover new tastes, textures and smells. A healthy and varied diet is the key to good health and it will lead to good eating habits later on. As they get older, children will benefit from these good eating habits.
For all these reasons children are offered a health French meal at lunchtime!

For the past 12 years, I have been cooking for the toddlers but since January a food delivery service founded by a French woman is supplying us with delicious healthy meals specifically designed for young children. Madaga offers 100% organic, balanced and tasty meals adapted to the nutritional needs of young children. The kids will love it! As usual, I complete the main course with a starter (usually raw vegetables), a slice if cheese and a dessert. During lunch children drink only water.
You'll find Madaga's website here.
Here is an example of a morning routine.
9.00 to 9:15: children are welcomed
9:15 to 9:40: children choose their own activity

9:40-9:50: morning circle time routine (days of the week, weather, rhymes...)
10:00-10:15: snack time (fresh fruit)
creative activities: craft, drawing, play-dough, dancing, making music...
10.50-11.40: Outdoor
or indoor play (depending on the weather)
12:00-12:35: Time to eat! Let's enjoy a healthy French meal!
From 12:40: getting ready to go to bed.
After the nap: healthy snack
4.20-4.30: time to be picked up!

Different types of child care
You can choose between two different types of child care: regular or occasional care.

Regular care: if you want your child to attend the preschool on a regular basis, the same day(s) every week, you should choose this type of care: your child will have a guaranteed spot and the hourly price is lower.
hourly price: 7.00 euro. Price for one day : 56 euro. More information about tuition fees.

The occasional care: if you want your child to attend the preschool once in a while
, you should choose this type of care. It is more flexible but your child won't have a guaranteed spot. It is easy to make a reservation: send me a message between 1 to 7  days in advance. If you're already a member, have a look at the page "les enfants / the kids" to know if there are some available spots.
hourly price: 8.00 euro.
Price for one day: 64 euro. More information about tuition fees.
La petite classe is open on Tuesday and Thursday  between 8.30 am and 4:30 pm and is closed during Dutch school holidays and some other days. There is additional child care between 16.30 and 17.30
You'll find the calender here. 
                                     Nieuwemeerdijk 93                   Mardi et  jeudi de 8h30 à 16h30                         À la lisière d'Amsterdam/Amstelveen!
                                     1171 NE Badhoevedorp         Tuesday and Thursday,  8:30am - 4:30pm          On the edge of Amsterdam/Amstelveen!

                              tel: 0654690200                    
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