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I am a former teacher...
Bonjour,  my name is Béatrice, I am French (half African) and I come from Paris. 17 years ago, after my studies in Geography in France, I came to the Netherlands because life seemed very comfortable here. A few years later my Dutch was good enough to join the teacher training college program at the "Universiteit van Amsterdam"  and I started teaching. I taught almost all grades in primary school system, but I have always preferred to teach the youngest children. I loved this job but it was not easy to combine with my three young children.
 who became a home daycare provider...
Because my three children were still too young to go to school, I decided, in 2005, to stay at home and to become a home daycare provider. In my home daycare, toddlers could discover the French language while having fun (by singing songs, learning rhymes, playing games ...). Young children can mimic new sounds very quickly!
In 2008 I stopped working because my husband and I moved with our four boys to Japan! It is where we had our baby girl!
Since 2010 we are back to the Netherlands and toddlers have been joining my preschool program since then. First in Amsterdam until April 2015 at "Le coin-enfants" and since October 2015 on the edge of Amsterdam, in Badhoevedorp at "La petite classe".
but I'm a mother above all else.
Every day my four boys aged 14, 12, 11 and 9 and my daughter, age 6, make me realize that my dream of having 5 children has come true! A mother of five needs discipline, resourcefulness,  dynamism, patience, and of course lots of love. These qualities are the reason I enjoy guiding my children and yours as well.
                                     Nieuwemeerdijk 93                   Mardi et  jeudi de 8h30 à 16h30                         À la lisière d'Amsterdam/Amstelveen!
                                     1171 NE Badhoevedorp         Tuesday and Thursday,  8:30am - 4:30pm          On the edge of Amsterdam/Amstelveen!

                              tel: 0654690200                    
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